Monday, May 22, 2006

A Collective Sigh...

In recent years, movie theater sales have been in a steady decline. This has caused a panic in Hollywood. The $200 million blockbuster hits are suddenly at risk of not returning their investment. As risk goes up, investments go down, and the film industry is in danger of going out of (big) business.

Then came "Passion of the Christ". It was somewhat of a savior. It proved that movies can make money when you make movies that interest people. But what bothered Hollywood and the other 30% of America that doesn't believe in God was that the Passion may start a trend toward more Christian movies being made.

Then this week "The Da Vinci Code" came out and Hollywood has breathed a collective sigh of relief. The Code made a whopping $225 million on opening weekend. So now Hollywood has figured out that movies about Jesus make money, but it doesn't matter whether those movies are pro or anti-Christ. Just as long as they are about Jesus.

This is going to start a disturbing trend. I fear we'll see even more movies that mock Jesus. They are already starting to put together Da Vinci II. As a Christian I think this is truly sad. But this is nothing new. People have been trying to debunk the Holy Bible for years. What bothers me is this is just another example of Christian values being attacked in America. Why don't we see any movies ripping the Muslim faith? Why don't we see any movies attacking the Old Testament or Jewish faith? Why not the Hindus? Why just Jesus? Could it be that Christ is the one truth and light in the world and that Satan knows it?