Monday, June 05, 2006

Picking Battles

There is so much going on today in desperate need of immediate attention. Our borders are being over run with illegal immigrants. Our federal deficit is skyrocketing thanks to social programs like medicare, social security, education, and hurricane relief. We're fighting a war on terror against an enemy that seemingly gets smarter every day.

Yet the Senate picked this week of all weeks to pursue a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage. I'm convinced the leadership of the Republican party has no idea what it's doing anymore. This makes absolutely no sense to me on so many levels.

On level one let's discuss how this goes against party principles. The Republican party is supposed to be the party of small government. The party that keeps government out of our lives. What the Republican party is doing is pandering to the Christian voter. But I don't want my government dictating morality on this level. And I'm a Christian. If Adam and Steve want to live together and play hide the sausage in their bedroom, I don't care. If they want to exchange vows and promise to be monogamous, good for them. If they want to lobby the state to give them the types of benefits the state gives other married couples, fine. But leave it up to the state, through legislature enacted by the lawmakers who were elected by the people, to decide. As a Christian, I know we all will have our day in court in front of God. Let Him decide who is righteous.

On level two, the timing of this bill doesn't make any sense. Why now? Is it because Will and Grace finally ended? Do they think the country is ready for this? Every political insider will tell you this amendment has no chance of passing. The Republicans are setting themselves up for an embarassing failure. Even bigger than President Bush's failure in pushing Social Security reform.

In pushing this amendment the GOP is trying to bring back the social conservatives they have lost in the past months over their fumbling of the immigration issue. While this will make the Pat Robertson crowd happy, the rest of us conservatives feel like we're watching a train wreck about to occur. The GOP is always fighting the image of being a bunch of bigoted good old boys. This foolish initiative will not help that perception. Every Republican Senator that votes or speaks in favor of this amendment will regret it come November.